Vital Energy Savings Through Retrofit Lighting and Facilities Maintenance

Mitigate the Effect of Rising Energy Prices and Climate Change With Retrofit Lighting and FM

Energy efficiency has a key role to play in every business’s overall operating costs. Energy prices are on the rise and statutory regulation around carbon emissions are gaining importance in the countdown to 2050. This makes retrofit lighting and facilities maintenance around energy are an important consideration for every business. Let’s take a closer look at why legacy systems are falling behind and the importance of an installation and maintenance schedule to your business’s energy strategy.

The Rising Cost of Energy for UK Businesses and Households

Myriad factors play a role in the rising energy costs businesses are experiencing around the United Kingdom. It has been posited that high energy prices are here to stay – for anywhere between the next 18 months and two years. Russia’s war with Ukraine, in particular, is creating real price volatility around energy both domestically and internationally. Together with the effects of Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic, Britain’s energy production, supply, and price are all affected.

Electricity is also a target issue in addressing climate change. Electric lighting alone accounts for 15% of the world’s energy consumption and 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. In reaching their net-zero targets, it is imperative that UK businesses and households focus on lighting and electricity in achieving green changes.

Retrofit Lighting for Energy Saving

As the energy landscape changes, new systems and innovation become the norm. Modern LED lighting and integrated energy solutions are a couple of ways to make existing buildings and businesses more efficient. It has been said that these systems, together with smart technologies, could improve efficiencies by 60 to 80%. Not only do these systems reduce the reliance on traditional fossil fuel intensive infrastructure; smart technologies also have the potential to automate lighting to what your business actually needs for optimised usage – and convenience for building occupants.

Facilities Maintenance for Reduced Business Energy Costs

With prices on the rise, many businesses may try to cut costs by reducing their maintenance services. However, in the long term, this could hold negative cost effects for reactive and emergency maintenance, operational down time, and equipment replacement.

Additionally, the time is ripe for businesses to develop a meaningful, long term energy strategy. By working with leading facilities maintenance specialists, you get expert input on how to keep your business competitive and relevant into the future through energy services and management solutions.

Partner With Voltix Services and Save Energy Today

At Voltix Services, our team of engineers and FM experts specialise in taking you and your energy strategy into the future. From retrofitting LED lighting systems for energy savings to making the shift to renewables and smart energy solutions, we are here to advise on the best course of action for your business. This helps you to avoid disruptions and operate with optimal efficiency, futureproofing your processes. Contact Voltix Services today to find out more about our comprehensive energy services and management solutions.