Planning For Post-Pandemic Building Security

As the UK approaches 50 million vaccinated individuals, facilities managers must now prepare for a return to full commercial office spaces once again. 

While hastily-made work-from-home plans have solidified during the year and a half since COVID-19 first made national headlines, there is no substitute to having a space where staff can congregate, collaborate and communicate. 

Businesses with an eye on productivity and profitability are eyeing concrete return-to-work programmes in the coming months, ahead of a 2022 built around recovery. With that comes the task of ensuring that workspaces are compliant, that staff are safe, and that any systems previously in place are in working order as teams of individuals flock to commercial business spaces once again. 

A new responsibility for office security

In addition to ensuring that CCTV and access control systems are in working condition, security managers have the added task of ensuring that risks are mitigated when it comes to the spreading of COVID-19. 

With staff still feeling uneasy about the prospect of returning to the workplace, ensuring that transparent, accessible and practical solutions are in place should be a priority for facilities managers and security personnel. 

Embracing smart technology for access control solutions

Traditional access control solutions are a thing of the past. From turnstiles to check-in books; any point of contact is a potential transmission source for COVID-19. 

Touchless access control technology is quickly becoming the standard for businesses that juggle security and safety challenges in a shifting working environment. In adopting improved systems that allow for better security visibility, as well as improved health and safety standards – staff will feel happier about the prospect of returning to work, while updated security measures will help security personnel to ensure that threats are minimised. 

Better CCTV, better workplace

Advancements in video surveillance technology empower businesses to make better decisions, and save money in the long run. 

From providing off-site, real-time surveillance and cloud-based video storage, to automating occupancy tracking and occupant temperature checking in buildings; CCTV technology has evolved to become an effective tool for more than just evidence gathering. 

It can be a real-time, preventative measure against security threats as well as a tool that can be used as an energy management tool that keeps costs down in the long run. 

Prepare for the future now

From the latest in CCTV and security systems, to assisting you with effective energy management solutions; Voltix Services works proactively together with our clients to improve visibility, save money, and ensure safety. 

If you are in need of assistance with any of your facilities maintenance requirements, get in touch with our team of experts today.