How Upgrading Lighting Systems Can Fast-Track Green School Initiatives

As net-zero carbon initiatives ramp up, and businesses across the UK get to grips with smart technology to lower their energy output – schools have been left playing catch up. 

A recent study carried out by eLight, using government data, highlights this problem. While other industries are transforming to lower their energy usage, bills have risen by 6.5% over the last five years for schools across the UK. 

Facilities managers should be looking to leverage the long-term cost-saving benefits of green energy solutions such as LED lighting in schools, to improve facilities and meet targets. 

Long gone are the early concerns that came with the switch to LED lighting: of disrupting circadian rhythms with harsh lighting that caused headaches. 

LED lighting has improved in leaps and bounds over the years, with colour temperature improvements and a reduction in flickering in newer LED bulbs helping to dramatically improve visibility, reduce headaches and provide healthy environments for learning. 

Smart lighting technology can be utilised to output different light levels based on the amount of natural light available and time of day – both to improve productivity and save on bills.

With lighting accounting for up to 50% of a school’s total energy costs, facilities managers should be mindful of opportunities to overhaul fluorescent lighting with easy to install and maintain LED lighting systems. 

With the push for a socially and environmentally conscious generation of learners, it is important that educators take note and make changes. Not only can you save on your energy bill in the long-term, but you’re playing your part in reducing your school’s environmental impact. 

Smart energy solutions can help schools save thousands of pounds a year, and help facilities managers track areas in need of improvement. 

Looking further ahead, solar solutions provide an opportunity for schools to generate their own energy, and make big strides towards net-zero. 

As the UK looks to ‘Build Back Better’ following the COVID-19 pandemic, school facilities managers should look to introduce proven technology to save money, and improve operations. 

If your school is looking for expert advice on facilities maintenance and green energy solutions, get in touch with our team today. We’ll help chart a course of action that will help save you money in the long-run, and improve efficiencies throughout your campus.