To Inhouse or to Outsource, That is the Question

Facility maintenance is a conundrum for even the most stoic facility manager. Do you deal with it internally or do you find a facility maintenance vendor to do it all for you? Logic suggests that the inhouse option is also the more financially viable option. After all, why pay for a job that you can do yourself?

But that’s not the reality. Outsourcing to a facilities maintenance vendor might actually be the smartest decision you’ve ever made. It is a strategic decision that comes with long-term benefits to your organisation – and the people in it! As 2019 creeps closer, perhaps you should think about outsourcing.

Why should I outsource my facility maintenance?

Facility maintenance vendors are specialists. As such, they know the most efficient and cost-effective manner in which to do business. They keep abreast of current trends, new equipment and processes, and the latest technology, all of which will give your business a competitive edge. On top of all of this, the money that you save can be handed over to other areas of your business!

Probably the most compelling reason is that facility maintenance vendors are held to a standard of accountability. In short, their livelihood depends on doing a fantastic job. Their internal processes will probably be far more complex than your own, making them the trustworthy option for your building’s maintenance.

So what do I look for in a facility maintenance vendor?

Firstly you need to assess the needs of your organisation. Will your outsourcing being in totality, or only for selective jobs? Find a model that fits your needs and your budget. Get support from the personnel inside your organisation who will be affected the most by your decisions.

You are looking for a partner in your facility maintenance vendor. Find a company that understands and is able to integrate with your organisation. Cost is an important factor, but it is not the only one. Try get a vendor that is well-rounded!

Why do I want a complete facility management solution?

The simple truth is that facility management and maintenance has become a many-headed beast of burden. It is no easy feat keeping track of facilities which have become larger, more complicated and more technological in a short space of time. More and more business owners are looking to vendors to outsource to on a contractual basis.

Let’s take Voltix Services as an example. If you were to enter into a planned preventative maintenance contract with Voltix Services, you could expect the following:

1. Save on costs

The biggest motivation behind outsourcing is saving cash. Wages and benefits can become extremely costly when you are trying to do all of the maintenance inhouse. You may find yourself stretched thin trying to employ people to do any number of job-specific tasks. When you outsource, however, the vendor takes on all financial liability to do with staff. As long as you pay the contractor – the rest is not your problem.

2. Faster Deployment for Services

By going through a single vendor, you will find that they have experts in many areas. Specialised technicians and engineers become yours to use in context-specific scenarios – rather than having to keep them on individual retainers. You also aren’t responsible for planning the who, what, where and when. This is up to the contractor to ascertain and deliver.

3. Best Practice

The major downside to inhouse solutions is a lack of expertise an all areas. Contractors who have invested in systems of best practice will bring better levels of performance to the table – across the entire maintenance spectrum.

4. Technology and Equipment

As it is the contractors job, they will have better technology and equipment that is most probably far better maintained than your own. As new technology comes out, the contractor will be responsible for training and utilising it, so you don’t have to spend money on staff training and new equipment.

5. Improved Communication

A single service provider who understands your business and has clear lines of communication will allow you to know what to expect at all times. The mitigation of surprise and unexpected issues will go a long way to reducing your uncertainty.

6. Clear Targets

The longer you stay with a single service provider, the better the service provided. As time wears on, your vendor will become more familiar with the benchmark for minimum standards. As a result, your vendor will likely maintain very high levels of efficiency of efficacy.

7. Service Continuity

Although mostly dealing with routine service delivery, a contracted vendor will also schedule specific maintenance tasks to specialists so that you don’t have to worry. The objective here is to have a schedule and plan which runs as seamlessly with your organisation as possible.

8. Core Business Focus

At the heart of the argument for outsourcing you will find this: it allows you to focus on what matters most. Your business.

Peace of mind

Running with an external provider, on a contractual basis, increases the security of your business operations, equipment and assets. Voltix Services comes with the highest levels of accountability, transparency and real-time reporting. With Voltix Services you can rest assured that your facility will run at its optimum level of performance.

The solution

Voltix Services is proud to offer the best in maintenance solutions for whatever your facility needs. We have the equipment, staff and expertise to offer a full-range of services. We can also help manage the transition from an inhouse team – or multiple providers – to a single, all-in-one Voltix Services solution.

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