Thinking sustainably for savings: the water-conscious FM

With many sectors falling within water- and energy-intensive ranges, the price of these resources – together with increased mindfulness around our environmental impact – make it necessary for facilities to explore best practices for long-term sustainable business. Even for smaller operations, every business stands to make a difference (that also benefits their pockets) by implementing water- and energy-saving strategies. The reality is that the demand for these resources is always set to increase and your organisation would do well to have strategies in place to lower consumption as much as possible.

Where should you start looking? If you’re looking to implement a water-savings strategy, look beyond your taps. With research showing that your HVAC system may account for up to 48% of business water usage. By improving the condition of your central plant and optimising your system, you stand to substantially reduce your HVAC system’s water usage – no matter the size of your operations. Evaporation and blow-down can result in water losses and regular HVAC maintenance is one crucial way of streamlining efficiencies and preventing unnecessary water losses. Looking to how you chill your facility can also have an effect on this.

Taking the energy out of water savings. Water and energy go hand-in-hand. In conducting regular HVAC maintenance, you will increase the energy efficiency of your system and so reduce unnecessary water losses. Optimised water chilling can result in up to 20% water saving and reduce energy consumption by up to 50%

Tap into water savings. With bathrooms and kitchens constituting up to 37% of water usage and irrigation up to 22%, integrating water saving systems into these areas of your facility can lead to substantial water savings

Want to optimise your HVAC performance and make the most of water and energy savings? Voltix Services can help you work out a maintenance schedule and advise you on a strategy to get your equipment working at its best. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help your facility save money by investing in the best running of your systems.

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