Thinking sustainably for savings: focus your energy in the right places

Harness the energy of well-maintained systems. As we’ve said before, well-maintained systems that are working at their optimum are more energy efficient, which is great for the environment and your bottom line. Coming up with a maintenance strategy suited to your facility is a great first step. If you are running on old systems, it may be worth evaluating the cost of replacement with long-term energy costs and reduced maintenance requirements.

Chill out when it comes to heating (and warm up when it comes to chilling). Keep your eye on office temperatures. Unnecessary chilling and heating levels can add to unnecessary energy usage. Chill at higher temperatures and heat at lower temperatures and generate awareness around this in office spaces.

Channel some energy into how you work. Look at how your facility uses energy in terms of office equipment, design, and appliances and machines – even at night and over weekends. Small tweaks, machine replacements, and new technologies can help to reduce energy usage. Smart technologies, thermal insulation, renewable energy source implementation are some key factors that can help in your energy strategy.

Light up your energy strategy with LEDs. Reduce your carbon footprint and focus on your bottom line by installing new lighting systems that are less energy-intensive. Modern systems have a far lower demand and this is an easy way to immediately tap into a new source of savings.

Make energy management part of your business strategy. Efficient energy management is easily achieved and can have far-reaching effects in any facility. At the heart of energy management is understanding your usage. From metering and sub-metering to benchmarking usage, there are a number of ways you can implement a system to focus your energy more effectively. In terms of tariffs, it is worth shopping the market for the best tariff and a contract which is best-suited to your organisation. Bill validation is also a service worth investigating to ensure correct billing has taken place on your energy contracts in the past.

Voltix Services offers a broad range of energy services to businesses as part of their stable of facilities services. Our team of experts have the requisite industry knowledge and access to suppliers and resources to work with you to create an energy strategy that both saves your business money and shows your commitment to energy saving. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you streamline your facility’s systems for energy efficiency.

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