Cost of a Leaky Pipe 

The True Cost of a Leaky Pipe 

Leaking pipes cost more than just an unnecessarily high water bill! Today, more and more businesses are committed to sustainable business practices, and using less water is vital in their promise to ‘Go Green’. 

Here are 6 ways you can minimise the cost of leaks:

Check your water meter regularly

Monitoring the average daily usage of your water meter will not only give you a useful benchmark to know how much water you will need in the event of an unplanned interruption, but may also help you to identify an undetected leak- minimising the resulting water waste. The installation of a monitoring device can provide an accurate reflection of your consumption as well as much needed peace of mind.

Do your research

Water-detection devices are evolving, spurred on by the latest innovations in modern technology. But installing the right water-detection technology can be daunting. How do you know what will be the best fit for your business? 

From wireless devices that use sensors to identify leaks, to automated systems – able to immediately shut off a water valve when a leak is detected, it is clear that technology has the power to drastically reduce the damage caused by water leaks and in turn, save you money.

When searching for a product that is best suited to your needs, consider; performance, reliability and safety. We also recommend that a building assessment is done and problem areas are identified – where leaks may occur. Voltix Services can assist your business in finding the right fit. 

Check the tech

Once you’ve installed a water leak detection system, you need to make sure to test and maintain it properly. Don’t worry- it’s not very much, but some maintenance will be required. It is very easy for a device to be moved, disconnected, or damaged, so regular testing is always good practice. Battery-operated systems will need to be checked fairly regularly and the circuits on wired systems need to remain intact. When sensors are left on cement floors, the moisture from the floor can cause corrosion and may impair their ability to operate. Some devices have gold-plated or corrosion-resistant contacts to alleviate this problem.     

Know how to spot a leaky tap

Although it can be difficult to spot a small leak, the resulting water loss can be disastrous; wasting thousands of litres a year. To avoid this, make sure to check for obvious leaks regularly. Dripping taps, overflowing toilet cisterns or malfunctioning urinals can often be the culprits. The most dangerous leaks are the ones you can’t find and may require a specialist third party audit. 

Plan for the worst

If your water supply is interrupted, make sure there is a plan in place to minimise the potential disruption. A crucial part of any contingency plan is to ensure replacement water is provided as soon as possible. This may include the use of water tankers, the installation of injection points to allow water to directly be added to the system and/or additional water storage facilities. Voltix Services can assist you with creating a swift strategy to deal with these concerns – saving you both time and money. 

Call a professional

Trying to fix a leak yourself can be highly disruptive and, in the end, far more expensive. We have heard horror stories of clients making giant holes in walls and floors trying to locate the source of a leak. Rather let Voltix Services sort it out for you. We can recommend the right detection companies that have the technology to ensure there is little or no damage caused when fixing a burst or leaking pipe.  

Voltix Services is fully accredited and able to assist you with a complete facilities maintenance solution, including winter services, estate management and statutory compliance.  

Get in touch with Voltix Services today and set up a consultation with the experts.

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