The Role of Facilities Maintenance In Workplace Safety

Workplace safety is easily taken for granted, but it is always important. The health concerns around COVID-19 have underscored the importance of general workplace safety, which is a critical legal and moral imperative for business owners, property and facilities managers. Here are a few of the ways that facilities maintenance keeps workers safe.


It Keeps Machinery Working Properly

Machinery malfunctions can cause a range of hazards for workers. This can range from machinery-related injury and trips and falls to exposure to toxic emissions or excessive noise. Faulty machinery can also pose a safety risk to those tasked with repairs and maintenance.

A predictive and preventative maintenance schedule by a team of professionals is one way to minimise the risk to workers and to keep machinery running optimally. Reactive and emergency repairs by facilities maintenance specialists will also get your equipment back up and running for reduced downtime and increased productivity.


Gas Safety

Gas safety is good practice and a statutory requirement. This is a fire hazard, but can also lead to death through carbon monoxide poisoning. Working with a certified gas safe engineer will reduce the chances of workplace incidents and ensure your gas appliances and equipment are kept in good running order.


Water Safety

Dormant offices have caused an increased occurrence of Legionella bacteria in workplace water systems. Legionella temperature sampling is a well-established compliance requirement to monitor for undesirable water temperatures and ensure water system safety.


Air Quality

Air quality has health and productivity implications – and this has become more of a focal point in recent years. Facilities maintenance should include ventilation, HVAC system maintenance, and indoor air quality monitoring to achieve the best possible air quality.


Commercial Kitchen Safety

Commercial kitchens’ pipework systems can be a dangerous fire hazard. Build-ups of greasy deposits are highly-flammable and inspections of these systems forms part of fire safety compliance. Regular kitchen extract systems maintenance checks – and keeping this equipment running properly – keeps kitchens running smoothly and safely.


Fire Safety

Maintenance around fire safety is a multifaceted concern. Emergency lighting, fire doors, alarm systems, and extinguishers are some of the main compliance issues building managers and business owners need to consider. Enlisting the help of professionals around fire safety will both ensure you fulfil your compliance obligations and avert disaster in the event of a fire breaking out on your premises.


Estate Management

Estate management is about more than aesthetics. It can assist in preventing trips and falls, deal with infestations, maintain the safety of carpark environments, and keep your premises winter-proof for the safety of your staff and customers.



An investment in the right security system provides tremendous peace of mind for employees in the workplace. Many facilities maintenance companies have a security offering which is geared towards safeguarding the workplace from unauthorised individuals and criminal activity. Access control and CCTV systems go a long way to keep employees, customers, and visitors safe.


Devising a maintenance strategy to achieve safety benchmarks is easily achieved with the help of a facilities maintenance team. Contact the maintenance specialists at Voltix Services today to discuss your needs.