Tackling Health and Safety in Schools

In a COVID-19-affected environment, there is a heightened focus on health and safety practices in schools. Parents are understandably concerned about the environment that their children learn in – and schools need to adopt clear, concise and transparent health and safety practices to ensure compliance, and provide peace of mind.

A practical and sensible approach should be taken to ensure that classrooms remain a safe space as schools adjust teaching schedules to accommodate changing needs of students during this impacted school year.

It is worth re-assessing classrooms, to ensure that they are well ventilated, and that students and teachers alike have access to hand sanitizer – over and above the standard checklist for determining classroom health and safety.


While educators must continue to be given the freedom to teach in hands-on, engaging ways – lesson plans have to be adapted in light of national restrictions that came into place this month.

To ensure that the infection risks are reduced, educators and students must follow these guidelines:

    1. Minimise contact with individuals who are unwell by ensuring that those who have coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, or who have someone in their household who does, do not attend school.
    2. Where recommended, the use of face coverings in schools.
    3. Clean hands thoroughly more often than usual.
    4. Ensure good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach.
    5. Introduce enhanced cleaning, including cleaning frequently touched surfaces often, using standard products such as detergents.
    6. Minimise contact between individuals and maintain social distancing wherever possible.
    7. Where necessary, wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).
    8. Always keeping occupied spaces well ventilated.


There is never as good a time as the present to adopt a proactive approach to compliance and building maintenance in schools.

Regularly audit the condition of your facilities, especially things that are known to wear out over time – such as carpets, plumbing, HVAC systems and roofing. Ensure that you also keep up-to-date with safety essentials such as Legionella, fire prevention, pump stations and portable appliance testing.

Reducing the chances of emergency calls for unexpected issues starts with planned preventative maintenance. Carry out regular scheduled services through a competent third party such as Voltix Services. Doing the early legwork can save a lot of money over time, and assist with reasonably forecasting financial requirements ahead of time.

Enlist the help of a statutory compliance services contractor to provide comprehensive advice and aide in preparing facilities for a new working environment, adapted to changing requirements. Not doing so could result in serious fines.


Voltix Services is the perfect partner to assist in maintaining operational efficiencies and ensuring compliance at any type of school.

We provide schools with everything from planned preventative maintenance contracts, to emergency repairs, installations, statutory compliance services and comprehensive advice.

As a maintenance partner, we bring with us an understanding of the organisational and regulatory needs of schools in order to provide an exceptional level of service.