facilities maintenance vendor

Selecting a FM Vendor

No matter what kind of facilities manager you are – from landlords to property, estate, and quality managers and directors of companies – partnering with the right facilities maintenance company makes good corporate sense. Streamlined facilities maintenance stands to ensure the smooth running of many of the fundamental elements that make up a company so you can get on with business and retain focus on your daily tasks. That said, a facilities maintenance company stands to hold enormous responsibilities within your organisation. From the outset, whether exploring facilities maintenance practitioners for the first time or in seeking to transfer companies, here are some vital considerations in selecting a facilities maintenance vendor.

Price and value.

In assessing vendor proposals, quantify price and value. Teaming up with the right facilities maintenance company can save you money through clever implementation of strategy, reduced re-servicing, and a reduction in management and administrative burdens – allowing your business to run more efficiently. True value comes in a number of forms and we’ll explore some of these below.

Business understanding.

In developing a facilities maintenance programme, look for a vendor that will engage with your business as an authentic partner and values the business relationship. In order to formulate and implement a strategy, they will need to understand your business and have a vested interest in your company’s performance and work closely with you as a business partner to offer actual value. Look for a company that offers transparency, expertise, and effective reporting structures that elevate their service levels.

Exceptional service.

In the case of many facilities maintenance services, urgency is the order of the day. Look into call out facilities and response times and assess whether they match your requirements. If necessary, obtain testimonials on previously conducted work in making your final decision. The ideal is to partner with a vendor who can offer you a wide array of services – covering maintenance, management, systems, and compliance – at the same high standard across all areas.


Find out about accreditation, experience, and expertise of the technicians employed by the vendor. Are they directly employed? From installation to reactive and preventative maintenance, you’ll want peace of mind that the vendor brings a high level of expertise to your organisation.

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