Outsourcing for facilities maintenance success

If you are a facilities manager, you have no doubt grappled with the question of whether to outsource your facilities maintenance services or not. Ultimately, by outsourcing to the vendor that is the right fit for your organisation, you could be making a strategic decision that will have long-term benefits for your organisation and the people within it.

As specialists within their industry, your facilities maintenance vendor will efficiently and cost-effectively perform their functions, which could result in major savings. They are also in the know about the latest trends and technologies, which could give your business the competitive upper hand. Further to this, access to cash that would have been used for facilities maintenance assets is likely to become available for other areas of your organisation.

Your vendor will also be contracted to perform their services to a certain standard resulting in accountability without internal processes. Outsourcing also has the effect of reducing the number of staff you would need to employ internally, increasing efficiency and morale, and potentially freeing up time of existing employees who can redirect their attention to matters of business.

If you are considering outsourcing, assess your organisation’s needs and, whether engaging in total or selective outsourcing, think carefully about which model best meets your requirements and budget. Engage with personnel within the organisation who will be affected by this decision and get their support.

When looking at facilities maintenance vendors, remember you are looking for a partner. You want a company that understands your organisation’s needs, capabilities, and goals and one that will easily integrate into your company’s corporate culture. Although cost is important, it should not be the single deciding factor in choosing a vendor.

At Voltix, we take the time to build true partnerships with our clients and aim to develop long-standing relationships for mutual success. If you are considering outsourcing your facilities maintenance services, contact us to find out more about our services and the advantages of partnering with us.