Out with the old: when to replace your boiler

Replacing a boiler can be an immensely challenging task involving disruptive and costly construction. Unfortunately, boilers can reach the point of being beyond maintenance – a time when replacement is unavoidable – and even boilers in good condition can become redundant through unavailability of parts. Here are some factors to consider when making decisions about boiler upgrades:


  1. The age of your equipment. A boiler that has been maintained well over the years could probably run to posterity. The importance of looking at the age of your boiler lies in the availability of parts. Your stringent maintenance plan means nothing if the parts your maintenance company needs have been discontinued.
  2. The issues identified during the course of your maintenance checks. Look at the maintenance history of your boiler systems. Are certain failures regularly repeating themselves? Are the same parts being ordered during every maintenance check? What does this say about the efficiency of the system?
  3. Are inefficiencies ultimately costing your facility? In those facilities with a heavy reliance on boiler performance, assess fuel efficiency and capacity – and be sure to assess this in the context of any future expansion plans.
  4. If you opt for replacement, look at cost holistically and weigh up the pros and cons. New systems may mean energy efficiency savings, but this needs to be looked at against your updated service intervals and maintenance costs. Be sure to consider the cost of the new boiler and the installation costs. If boiler replacement means construction work and operational downtime, how will this be scheduled and what will the cost be to the business in terms of lost productivity? Co-ordinate this carefully for overall success of the upgrade within the broader context of the facility. Budget constraints may mean staggering installation of some elements of the system. Also include post-installation costs in your budget.


We strongly advise our clients to conduct regular boiler maintenance to increase the longevity of your facility’s existing systems. At Voltix Services, we have the expertise to advise you on your boiler and heating needs and install, maintain, and repair these systems to ensure they are kept in good condition. Please contact us to find out more about how we can assist you with your boiler requirements.

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