Leaking money: the cost of water leaks to your business

For many commercial property owners and facilities managers, utility costs constitute the largest and most unpredictable overhead. Within this context, it is vital that water bills are closely monitored for fluctuations. What may appear to be a minor water leak could end up incurring your organisation enormous costs – literally leaking money through damaged property, operational down time, and loss of income.
Many owners and managers view water costs as more or less fixed and are unable to effectively monitor water usage within their organisation. Often the size of the leak and its potential impact are hard to gauge or overlooked as being minor. The reality is, however, that it is likely water leaks may factor significantly in your organisation’s annual water usage. In the case of major undetected leaks, you could be pouring water down the drain without fully realising the extent of the financial effects on your business.

As more managers are becoming aware of this, many are gaining advantage over other organisations by implementing systems to monitor and control their water systems. In many cases, this is being done to radical effect; this being a service that is relatively inexpensive in cost-saving terms over the long term.

Voltix understands that drainage is an essential element to your estate. We provide a comprehensive service and are specialists in supply, installation, and maintenance. Furthermore, we are able to conduct surveys and remotely monitor the stations of our current contracts. Contact us to find out more about how we can assist you through building and fabrics systems and give your business the competitive edge by ensuring you have effective systems around this potential expense.