Keep your cool when evaluating new HVAC technologies

Proven in the US to be a major source of savings for facilities through energy efficiency, new HVAC technologies are considered a worthy investment – one that often ripens over time. That said, the process of researching and installing the best commercial air-conditioning for your premises involves a few considerations. Here are some tips of things to keep in mind:

Assess your current system. Looking at your current system and budget, do an audit of your current system to determine the necessity of an upgrade, prioritised areas, and how much your facility stands to gain from energy efficiency improvements, reduced maintenance requirements, and increased technician productivity. Involve your staff in working out these priority areas. Conduct a performance assessment of your current system and compare this to the functionality of the newsystem to make the best decision and minimise risk.

Work out the savings. It can be a tremendous task to try and work out anticipated savings. Your bottom line will be affected by energy savings (which will also be affected by a host of other factors), maintenance costs, initial installation costs, disposal costs, and the overall efficiency of new technology and its impact for technicians. Don’t limit your thinking to first costs and the cost of additional space. A long-term outlook with a focus on life cycle costs could translate into major savings. The prolonged lifespan of new systems and inflation should also factor into a cost evaluation.

Does an upgrade suit your facility? In keeping with the demand for performance HVAC technology, there have been marked innovations and this is an area that is perpetually evolving. Being spoilt for choice, many facilities managers opt to stick with existing systems and miss out on cost savings and performance improvements. When it comes to choosing new technology, not all new systems will be the right fit for your facility. Get informed and compare different varieties but, most importantly, consider utility requirements for the different kinds of available technologies. Is the type of system feasible within the infrastructure of your facility and is it a suitable choice for the building’s occupants? This evaluation also needs to take place with the building’s codes in mind.

Manage expectations. Does your facility need to maintain a certain temperature? Will upgrades in one area affect other areas? When it comes to maintenance of a facility’s atmosphere, it can be difficult to strike a balance that makes everyone happy. When it comes to installations, determine whether this can take place without moving the occupants and, should this be necessary, the length of downtime associated with this. Often, clear communication on the general benefits to all stakeholders can work at appeasing attitudes and streamlining change.

Voltix installs commercial air-conditioning units around the UK and are cognisant of your facility’s bespoke requirements when it comes to this service. If you are considering an upgrade or new installation, contact us to find out more about the best options for your premises. From installations to ongoing maintenance, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service, allowing you to get the most out of new technologies for years to come.