Gate Safety Week: ‘Safe Gates Save Lives’

Powered gates have become a regular feature of homes, complexes, and business premises around the UK. With installations aimed at increased security for your facility, this should not be achieved at the cost of safety. Installation and maintenance standards of gates are currently in the spotlight with Gate Safety Week running from 9-15 October and it is hoped it will encourage mindfulness around safe gate operations.

With gate safety required by law, installers and maintenance providers face certain obligations when it comes to their powered gates – and liability as a result of failure to comply. Gate Safety Week is not only informing industry role-players on best practices, but developing knowledge in terms of the importance of gate safety amongst owners and users from installation to long-term upkeep.

According to the Door and Hardware Federation, less than 30% of the 500 000 automated gates in the UK meet safety standards – a situation that has given rise to a number of injuries and occasional fatalities as a result of accidents.

What can you do to ensure gate safety?

  • Understand your responsibilities. Installers and maintenance providers have certain industry-related responsibilities, but owners need to be aware that failure to implement precautions around gate safety could result in prosecution under the Health and Safety Act. As such, owners should look into employing competent installers and facilities maintenance providers to ensure compliance with the Supply of Machinery Regulations
  • Look for industry standards and approval. When it comes to security and fire system installations, keep an eye out for NSI Gold and Silver certification.
  • Gate safety features. Features like touch sensitive control, motion detectors, and intelligent drive are valuable safety features. Look to hinges and edges and consider the hazards presented by these and take suitable steps to prevent accidents around these. Turning on a gate that is unsafe can result in criminal liability.
  • Maintenance. The person or company installing your gate will be able to tell you the frequency of maintenance. If you are at a loss as to maintenance intervals or gate safety, maintenance providers will be able to assist.

Do your part to ensure your facility’s compliance this Gate Safety Week by ensuring your powered gates are safe and properly maintained. Voltix is dedicated to ensuring compliance and assisting businesses in maintaining facilities focused on the safety of all occupants, workers, and visitors. Contact us to find out more about how we can help your business.