First impressions create lasting impressions

First impressions create lasting impressions: choosing the right facilities maintenance partner

Depending on your needs, you may require your facilities maintenance team to work quietly behind the scenes – calling on them only when you need them – or you may need to outsource a team who need to fit into your existing workforce. Whether you know it or not, your facilities maintenance team is contributing to your facility’s corporate culture and brand through the services they provide, whether on a small scale or not.

A number of studies have shown the connection between the working environment and employee productivity and staff retention. It has even been said that, in order to understand a facility’s customer base, the employees should be treated as consumers of the business in their day-to-day interactions with their work premises and co-workers. Having a preventative and reactive maintenance plan for machinery and equipment within your facility – a task that doesn’t necessarily involve intrinsic involvement of your facilities maintenance workers as part of your team – means that your workers can dedicate themselves to their allocated roles without the stress of dealing with faulty machinery, emergency system failures, or making up for long-term losses and effects of operational downtime. Correct installation of high-quality machinery, equipment, and parts also mean that your workers experience the daily benefit of working with superior tools for a streamlined workday.

If you outsource a facilities maintenance company to fulfill a range of services such as IT and technology, estate management, shop-fitting, building, and décor-related services, this company is engaging with your facility’s corporate culture and branding. It has been proven through research that factors such as floor and window cleanliness and the overall upkeep of your property affects a customer’s willingness to do business with you – first impressions last after all. In an age of fierce competition between businesses, a bid can be won or lost on the basis of the appearance of your
facility, customer service, or the lack of effective systems to streamline daily tasks.

In such a case, it’s advised that facilities managers partner with a maintenance company that takes the time to understand their business and brand in order to provide the best services for their
clients. Not only should these maintenance vendors have impressive turnaround times to ensure fast service, but their services should stand to reflect the unique branding and corporate culture of the businesses they serve to enhance their customer experiences.

From integrated services that are incorporated into your organisation to a quiet team of experts who meet your business’s maintenance requirements, partnering with Voltix means working with a group of people who understand the importance of high-level customer service. Contact us to discuss your needs and discuss maintenance strategies which will help in the smooth running of your day-to- day operations.