Everything You Need to Know About Business EICR inspections

The responsibilities of facilities managers go beyond the visible. Leaky ceilings and dripping taps are easy to identify and rectify, but understanding the risks present in your electrical systems and performing regular maintenance is of equal importance. 

That’s why Electrical Installation Condition Reports, or EICRs for short, are so important. Old and faulty wiring systems are a leading cause of fires across the UK, and performing your due diligence by completing EICRs at the prescribed interval will ensure that your business complies with national safety standards.

It is your responsibility to perform EICRs at least once every five years on any commercial property to protect staff, safeguard equipment and ensure compliance. 

Why must my business perform an EICR?

The Landlords and Tenants Act 1985 calls for landlords of commercial and domestic buildings to exercise all precautions to protect their clients from injury and damage caused by electrical fires and shocks. 

In addition, the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 calls for employers to ensure that their electrical systems are safely installed and maintained to protect employees in the workplace. Regularly assessing and maintaining these systems is vital to ensuring a safe working environment, and EICRs help to protect your organisation and its people. 

If you do not perform routinely-scheduled EICR tests, you may be held liable for any damages or injuries caused by electrical fire or shock. Without having an EICR, it may be difficult to prove that all measures were taken to ensure the safety of those in your facility. 

Having an up-to-date EICR may also be required by your insurance provider as part of your policy. You’re more likely to be paid out in the event that your business is affected by an electrical-related incident if you have a valid EICR.

What forms part of an EICR?

During your EICR, a qualified electrician will:

  • Identify equipment that may be in need of repair or replacement
  • Look for any signs of damage and deterioration in electrical equipment, wiring and circuits
  • Identify any electrical systems that are not compliant with current safety regulations
  • Warn you of any electrics that increase the risk of future electrical faults

Any recommendations to improve your electrical systems should be followed to ensure that your business is compliant and to protect those who enter the premises. 

Trust the experts

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