reactive maintenance

Being reactive to be proactive

In thinking about facilities maintenance, it really has evolved into something far removed from the practices of a few decades ago. Gone are the days of patching up problems as they arose and this being the dominant approach. We now live in data-rich times where teams of technicians use information to create preventative and predictive maintenance plans in ways they probably couldn’t fathom ten years ago.

There’s no denying that these advances have revolutionised maintenance, making the lives of facilities managers far easier and creating a culture of maintenance that extends the lives of machinery and equipment, is more sustainable, and more cost effective. However, this doesn’t mean that things don’t go wrong unexpectedly. Machines break, components fail, leaks happen.

As much as a culture of preventative and predictive maintenance has become fundamental to business competitiveness and success, reactive maintenance is still a very real part of the lives of every facilities manager. Maintenance planning demands a systemised approach, but planning for the unknown is just as critical to this plan.

Managers would be well advised to incorporate reactive maintenance into their budgets and maintenance plans – an approach that will take many back to the ethos of yesteryear. In an age where technical problems and unscheduled maintenance can result in costly delays and breaks in operation, partnering with a facilities maintenance team who offers a short turnaround time and high-level expertise to make provision for the unexpected.

At Voltix, our team of specialists are on hand to ensure the seamless running of your business – even when things go wrong. Geared to provide our customers with a comprehensive service, team up with us to strategise around your maintenance needs and waylay any concerns you may have around reactive maintenance requirements. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help your business.