9 Benefits of a Complete Facility Management Solution

Facility management (FM) has evolved into a demanding discipline. Facilities have become much larger and more complicated, across all industry sectors, often relying on computerised and electronic support systems that require expertise to operate, repair and maintain. Increasing numbers of business owners are choosing to outsource all their facility maintenance tasks to specialist FM companies on a contractual basis. This arrangement has become more common due to the increasing scope and complexity of facility management.

A comprehensive, combined FM solution can help streamline commercial facility operations and ultimately help facilities operate more effectively and efficiently. By choosing one partner that offers specialised services and tailor-made contracts, an organisation will be better positioned to meet its goals and stay on budget. Why outsource multiple services to multiple contractors when you can get them all from one service provider?

Using Voltix Services, your organisation can start seeing improvements from day one. Here are just some of the benefits of a combined FM contract.

1. Cost Savings

Cost savings is one of the main motives behind outsourcing. Wages and benefits for directly-employed staff can become too costly when the facility management function is kept in-house. By outsourcing facility management, the contractor absorbs all financial liabilities associated with staff, and your organisation is released from the associated responsibility, cost and time requirements.

2. Faster Service Deployment

With ‘one-stop’ access to specialised technicians and engineers, your organisation can benefit from a broader range of services on demand. Rather than searching for multiple service providers for each and every maintenance function, you can expect a rapid response from one all-service contractor. As well as this, the ability of a single contractor to plan service delivery, including long-term asset maintenance, offers an edge over multiple service providers.

3. Best Practice Systems

Sometimes, in-house facility systems and technical skills are weak in a certain area. Contractors that have invested in developing best practice systems can bring higher levels of performance to your organisation more quickly, across all areas of the facility management spectrum.

4. Technology and Equipment

An outsourced contractor will be well-versed in the usage of the most current technology, therefore there will be no need to provide training to your in-house staff in its use. The facility management service provider absorbs the cost of any technology, tools and equipment acquisitions, as well as the expertise required to operate them.

5. Better Communication

If you understand the bigger picture and the implications of each service engagement, it can help reduce your risk of uncertainty. A combined FM contract, with a single service provider who offers short lines of communication and knows the ins and outs of your facility, means you will know what to expect each step of the way and feel confident in the delivery of a complete solution.

6. Clear Goals

A history of service with one FM service provider means they have a benchmark of minimum standards of quality and are therefore better prepared to achieve the level of outcome needed. If a contractor is clear about the goals an organisation is trying to achieve, they stand a greater chance of being successful by designing and delivering a bespoke service.

7. Service Continuity

The objective is to create a seamless flow from the most basic recurring maintenance services to the more complex and technical reactive maintenance engagements. A single FM service provider will know your business goals and, with careful planning, can ensure specialist delivery of each service to achieve the most desirable outcomes.

8. Core Business Focus

Outsourcing allows your management to concentrate on its core functions and critical objectives. Operating your facility management in-house can be costly for your business, in terms of time and money. Your business’ core activities should take priority throughout the working day in order to drive your business forward.

9. Peace of Mind

A single FM service provider can increase the security of your day-to-day business operations, your equipment and your assets. With high levels of accountability, transparency and real-time reporting, you can rest assured that your facility will continue to run at peak performance levels. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, you need to be confident in your partnership with a flexible, one-stop contractor who offers rapid response times.

Offering clients one contract partner for all their facility maintenance needs, Voltix Services is proud to provide a combined solution. We have the staff, equipment and expertise to offer a wide range of services.
If you are looking for a single, comprehensive and exceptional facilities maintenance service provider, look no further. We can help you manage the transition from an in-house team, or from multiple service providers, to a Voltix Services solution.

To benefit from our combined facility maintenance solutions, contact us today by calling 0845 1800 999 or visit www.voltixservices.co.uk.