The argument for preventative maintenance

When looking at the benefits, preventative maintenance may seem like a bit of a no-brainer for management. However, at budgeting and decision-making stages, it is regularly found that preventative maintenance is given low priority. Here are some considerations on implementing preventative maintenance into your maintenance programme.

Increase the life span of your equipment. If you don’t have a preventative maintenance strategy, you will only feel the effects of your equipment breaking down when things go wrong. This normally results in a loss of production time and money. Invest in the longevity of your equipment to avoid the stress and losses associated with a breakdown.

Quantify the return on investment and cost-saving potential. Whilst other areas are often given priority in terms of budget and preventative maintenance is often overlooked a less pressing, there are inherent budget advantages to be achieved from conducting this maintenance. The cost of fixing or replacing an asset, together with the resultant production losses as a result of a breakdown, can often far outweigh annual preventative maintenance costs. Whether you choose to start with a few key assets or come up with a programme incorporating all of your assets, keep your mind on the future – preventative maintenance is a long-term investment.

Save energy and optimise performance. Thinking environmentally and in terms of cost, equipment that is not serviced fails to operate optimally. Reduced energy usage and costs frequently go hand-in-hand with having a preventative maintenance schedule. In terms of performance, it’s not only your equipment which stands to benefit. Optimally-performing equipment often means that the working environment is better. This results in reduced handling of workforce complaints and a more focused approach to operations. Fewer emergency situations also mean that business is streamlined

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