Facilities Maintenance Budget


Compiling an annual facilities maintenance budget requires thorough planning, with it being suggested that you start working on this ten months in advance. By implementing some good practice tips to your budget planning process, you are more likely to come up with cost-effective structures and plans.

Assessment. Keeping your finger on the pulse of information and data means that you will formulate an informed budget plan. Looking at past financial records and assessing the current situation on an ongoing basis in the build-up to the implementation of your budget is pivotal. When it comes to operations, it is easy to lapse into focus on immediate and short-term conditions. Replace this with strategy and adapt your budget requirements to evolving conditions with desired outcomes in mind. Benchmarking with your maintenance costs in mind is a great way to find areas in which new approaches could be adopted and costs could be reduced.

Plan. Conducting a thorough assessment will help you plan and consistently pre-empt maintenance costs. Use your planning time to explore the various options available and dedicate your resources accordingly. Analyse existing systems and work towards the lowest cost for all of them going forward. Take the time to factor outsourcing into your decision-making, as these vendors can often provide comprehensive services at relatively lower cost.

Work together. Your team is going to be invaluable in drawing up and adhering to your budget. Liaise closely with your supervisors to hear their reports, suggestions, and insights into their various departments. Their dedicated involvement to monitoring consumption and maintenance is critical to information-gathering and streamlined processes going forward.

Structure. In thinking strategically, a facilities maintenance structure and schedule will be at the core of operations and decision-making around your budget. Benchmark and establish routine, predictive, and preventative maintenance structures and emergency protocols. Looking at preventative rather than corrective measures is an enormously valuable cost-saving exercise. Another major area for lowering expenditure is through energy-saving. Conducting regular equipment maintenance prevents energy waste and the benefits of looking into energy efficient future systems stands to be a long-term investment within your organisation.

At Voltix, we pride ourselves on the level of partnership we have with our clients. We get to know your business and its detailed requirements in order to provide the highest quality facilities maintenance and customer service. Contact us for more information on how we can help your business’s operations and growth through a facilities maintenance strategy.