Breaking the trend: all your facilities maintenance needs under one roof


From small- to medium-sized businesses to larger corporate operations, your business stands to benefit from integrated systems in terms of facilities management. That said, it is easy to become accustomed to a certain modus operandi within your organisation – even where that system fails to adequately serve you. Break these trends to make the most of your resources and maximise your business’s potential.

The cycle of inefficiency. It’s the start of the year and compliance has your full attention. Suddenly, with equipment malfunctioning, your focus shifts to maintenance, replacement, and upgrade of machinery. With this being done, you try to enforce your high standards of cleanliness. If this sounds familiar – if you’re a cook standing over multiple boiling pots which are all equally demanding – you are not alone. This is common practice in many organisations.

Failing to test your budget. For many, a budget set for facilities maintenance is little more than a number. This is rarely broken down to determine the true cost and many businesses fail to critically assess cost-saving within the various areas of their business. Look to how your resources are being used in terms of staff workload, equipment, energy. Quantify the potential to save with the potential to make more money by driving organisational efficiency.

Reluctance to evolve from the historical norm. In the past, systems that control building functions used to operate as stand-alone entities which could be hired piecemeal for different sector tasks. Today, it is possible for you to outsource all of your facility maintenance tasks to a single company. Not only does this streamline operations within your business and drive efficiency, but it has the potential to provide large budget savings. By delegating these services to the right partner company, you also stand to minimise the stress of emergencies by having experienced personnel on call to resolve any issues you may encounter along the way.

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